As an asset manager, we are committed to adding value to the assets we manage by
    treating each property with an investor’s sense of ownership and entrepreneurial vision.

    We have developed unique asset management skills with a forward-thinking approach
    seeking opportunities to maximize cash flow while maintaining or improving the market
    position and physical attributes of the property whether it is through repositioning,
    expansion, adaptive re-use of spaces, renovation, refinancing or reviews of other
    revenue opportunities and costs of ownership.

    We also monitor the on-site property manager (or third-party management company) on
    a regular basis for operating performance and maintenance of the asset, and
    benchmark the property's revenues and expenses against the market and competitive

    Based on the real estate investment cycle, we will also provide an independent
    perspective on hold-versus-sell decision on the asset to help ownership achieve the
    optimum investment return.
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    Asset Management